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Tuesday Jan 9,2018

01-02-14MCStrict Press 5 RMOther Posted Results


10:00 AMRAP

6 Box overs
8 K2E
10 Push ups

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Emilee6+6 Rx
Corie6+20  Knees raises above parallel
Brent10+5 Rx
Lori9+1  Knee Raises
Rebekah8+19  Knee raises, knee push ups
Andrew St7+1 Rx
David Ke7+9 Rx
Steven8+6 Rx
Corey7+4  Knees to armpit
Jay6+8 Rx
Connie6+17  K2 different every time ;)
Mindie6 + 16  Step up, knee raises
Catherine4+8 Rx
Tina A knee raises
Results Posted: 14