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Wednesday Nov 28,2018


3 Rounds of 1 minute of each exercise

Clusters 95/65
Ball throws 20/14
Curtis Ps 85/55
Russian Twists 25/15 plate

0% 0%
1st219 Lanielle Wed,Nov 28,2018
2nd202 Lauren S Wed,Nov 28,2018
3rd188 Lori Wed,Nov 28,2018
1st245 Brent Wed,Nov 28,2018
2nd188 Andrew St Wed,Nov 28,2018
Joey Wed,Nov 28,2018
3rd160 Jeff C Wed,Nov 28,2018

David Ke155 Rx
Lanielle219 Rx
Brent245 Rx
Connie156 Rx
Jeff C160 Rx
Lori188 Rx
Lauren S202 Rx
Andrew St188 Rx
Shay153 Rx
Tina A162  55 for cluster and Curtis
Joey188 Rx
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